Before First Usage of Dishwasher

After having opened the packing of your dishwasher, check it against any possible transportation damage. Never install and use damaged machines, if your machine is damaged contact your seller or any authorized service immediately. Always have your accessory installed by service staff to ensure correct installation.

Any repairs and maintenance work on this, should be carried out by service center immediately. Always have your dish washer installed by staff to ensure correct installation maytag dishwasher repair los angeles. Any repairs and maintenance work on this washer should be carried out by authorized staff only. Repairs conducted by third persons are not only dangerous, but also might lead to the cancellation of you warranty. They shall not be responsible for the renewal of your electricity and installation. Ensure your electricity and water connection are suitable for the dish washer before calling the authorized engineer for installation.

Make sure the electricity and water connections of your container are in compliance with the instructions for assembly as stated in the relevant part of this manual. Any water remaining in the dishwasher after production is carefully removed due to reasons of hygiene. Therefore, always select pre-wash or a programme with pre-wash before first time you use their appliance.

Before the first wash, add 1 ltr of water in the salt container of your machine. The dishwasher used approximately 4 gallons (15 liters) of water, consumed 1-2 kWh of total energy, and required 15 minutes of human time.You can get the dishes cleaner, in less human time, using less water and energy.

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