Dishwashers – Some Simple Advice From An Engineer

As a Dishwasher Engineer.

I get called out to repair dishwashers all the time, but here is some simple advice to keep your dishwasher running well and giving you clean dishes day after day.

Clean the sump filter at least twice a month.

Yeah I know it’s a chore, but think about it for a minute lg dishwasher repair los angeles. Where does most of the dirt from your dishes go to? Well about 75% gets washed away with the waste water, but the rest ends up stuck in the sump filter. All of the water in every wash has to pass through the sump filter 20 or 30 times per was cycle.

A dirty filter will only produce dirty dishes. Clean the sump filter twice a month.

Spray arms clog up all the time.

All of the water that is spraying over your dishes must pass through the spray arms. The spray arms will pick up small pieces of food which will get stuck inside them. This reduces the efficiency of your machine. Remove and clean the spray arms at least twice a year.

Place Sharp Knives Sharp End Down.

I know it seems obvious, but people have fallen on the opened door of a dishwasher and been badly injured on a sharp knife or such like. One or two have even died because of sharp knives placed blade end up in the dishwasher.

Run A Self Clean Cycle Monthly.

Your dishwasher works hard to clean your dishes every day. Give it a day off now and then and run it empty, so it can clean itself.

Tip. When you run your dishwasher on a self clean cycle or empty cycle. Start the cycle, wait for about 20 minutes, then open the door and pour in about a ΒΌ bottle of vinegar. Brown or white vinegar. It doesn’t matter. Then close the door and just let the dishwasher finish it’s cycle as normal.

Vinegar is great for de-scaling your dishwasher, removing grease deposits and lime scale too.

Saving You Money.

Vinegar is much less expensive than buying de-scaling tablets, it’s also much more environmentally friendly and has no negative effects on the water the appliance dumps out to the water treatment plants.

Think about it. Do you really expect a greased up and dirty dishwasher to give you sparkling results every time?

Cutlery Baskets.

These days tend to be made of poor quality plastic, they break up long before the dishwasher is ready to be replaced. All manufacturers supply new cutlery baskets as a replacement part, though they are always very expensive.


Check out eBay. You can buy a universal dishwasher cutlery basket which will work great in your machine, for about a quarter of the price Bosh, Hotpoint, Hoover or most manufacturers will charge you.

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