Figuring Out What’s Wrong With Your Washing Machine

Washing machines are fairly straight forward household electrical goods, you put dirty washing in, put in some detergent and softener and then in an hour or so you get fresh clean clothes smelling wonderful. In some cases you may have the function of a tumble dryer built in to your washer too, in which case you’ll have the best of both world with clothes that come out clean but also dry and in some cases ready to wear right out of the machine!

Modern washers are able to perform a myriad of different services and washes to our clothes ensuring that each type of clothing is cared for and not damaged when put in the machine. The problem is that with such modern features and number of functions it can be difficult to know what’s wrong with our washing machine when it develops a fault or has stopped working Washer Repair Los Angeles.

Obviously getting a fully qualified repairs engineer to fix your washing machine is the best idea and fixing it yourself could cause further damage, but it would certainly help the repairs team know what they are up against when you call them for repairs so making sure you can tell them what is wrong with your washer is vital in cutting down the time you have to cope without your washing machine.

If the machine is not powering on at all then there is a good chance the electronics have been damaged, if your machine has an easily accessed fuse then it may be worth checking if you could replace this or reset it if you have a circuit breaker. Sometimes a washing machine may still turn on but not do a very good job of washing our clothes, in which can it can be a problem with the water inlets and outlets, especially if you are greeted with a tidal wave of soapy water when you try to open the door.

A common complaint with washing machines that are entering their later years is an increased level of noise, whether this is from a skewed balance causing the machine to shake, another cause for concern is the machine making more noise when in operation which can be caused by the ball bearings or the motor that drives the drum round. These are common problems that can be fixed cheaply and quickly by a repair engineer so if your washing machine has presented any of these symptoms call them up today.

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